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9:00 Institutional Greetings                                                                                            
Paolo Orneli, Assessor of Economic Development, Research and Innovation – Lazio Region
Flavio Lucibello, President – Hypatia research Consortium
Massimo Iannetta, Head of Biotechnology and Agroindustry Division – ENEA
9:30 – 10:30 Session I - Integrated Applications for Agrifood-Tech
This session will introduce the opportunities for enhancing integrated space applications in the Agrifood-Tech sector through the common initiatives of ESA, ASI, and E. Amaldi Foundation (FEA). In particular, ESA representatives will illustrate the structures of the ESA Space Solutions network and the Φ-lab Division and the most interesting initiatives, both past, and future, to support the upstream and downstream sector at the European level, while ASI will present the strategic lines in the area of integrated applications at the national level with a focus on opportunities for the Agrifood-Tech sector. FEA, as ESA Business Applications and InCubed+ Ambassador Platform for Italy, will present an overview of the ecosystem and the community of reference in the Agrifood-Tech sector at a national level.
Eleonora Lombardi, Industrial Policy and Technology Transfer Manager – Fondazione E. Amaldi

Elodie Viau
, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications – ESA-ECSAT 
Rita Rinaldo, Head of Institutional Projects Section – ESA-ESTEC
Giuseppe Borghi, Head of the Φ-lab Division – ESA-ESRIN
Lorenzo Scatena, Secretary General and Ambassador ESA2S – Fondazione E. Amaldi
Alberto Tuozzi, Head of Satellite Telecommunications and Navigation Unit – ASI
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break  
11:00 – 12:30 Session II - Agrifood-Tech in the Lazio Region: sectors, projects, and companies
The session will be organized with a presentation of thematic tables on projects, in regional and national contexts, and technologies supporting Agrifood-Tech: satellites, pseudo-satellites, UAVs, greenhouses, and sensors. The discussion will continue with the presentation of the "Call for Ideas'' of the Italian ESA Space solutions Ambassador platform dedicated to innovators of the New Space Economy for the Agrifood-Tech sector. 

Jaime D'Alessandro, Journalist – La Repubblica 
Land monitoring and Agrifood-Tech with Satellites

Vittorio Rosato, Head of Laboratory for Analysis and Protection of Critical Infrastructure – ENEA
Leonardo Alberto dal Zovo, CEO – Studiomapp S.r.l. (tbc)
Marco Brancati, CTO – Telespazio S.p.A./E-Geos
Matteo De Sanctis, Managing Partner – Centrale Valutativa S.r.l.

The future of Agrifood-Tech: from monitoring on Earth to cultivating on Mars

Giuseppe Persechino, Program Manager – CIRA S.C.p.A.
Eduardo De Francesco, Director of Research & Development – Se.Te.L. S.r.l.

Giorgia Pontetti, CEO – G & A Engineering S.r.l.
Antonella Canini, Director of Biology Department – University of Rome Tor Vergata

12:30 – 12:45 Presentation of Agrifood-tech Italia Association

Valerio Roscani, Technology Analyst – Fondazione E. Amaldi 

Peter Kruger, Founder – AgFood Ventures
Antonio Iannone, CEO – TheFoodCons
Sharon Cittone, CEO – Edible Planet Ventures
Chiara Sattin, CEO – Borgo Buzzaccarini

12:45 – 13:00 The Agrifood-tech in Italy. Data.
Max Leveau, COO – Forward Fooding

13:00 - 13:30 “Call for ideas” Agrifood-Tech        
13:30 – 14:00 Lunch                                                                                                                                
14:00 – 15:00 Session III - Space Finance for Agrifood-Tech Innovation
This session, a roundtable dedicated to the topic of finance for innovation, will focus on the opportunities and peculiarities of investing in initiatives qualified by space technologies in the Agrifood-Tech sector. Some current and future financial tools available to Agrifood-Tech innovators at a regional and national levels will also be illustrated. 
Leopoldo Benacchio, Journalist - INAF - University of Padua
Peter Kruger, Founder – AgFood Ventures
Fabrice Testa, Chairman – EBAN Space
Raul Ricozzi, Partner – Orrick

Marta-Patricia Aparicio y Montesinos, Founder – Keymon Ventures

George Coelho, Partner & Co-Founder – Astanor Venture
15:00 – 16:00 Session IV - The way forward: Institutional strategy and application developments
The session is structured as a round table, including relevant guests from the world of research and Institutions to address the topic of innovation, focusing on opportunities related to the regional enterprise structure, highlighting its gaps, and defining its developments. The session will conclude with the presentation of future thematic workshops included in the LAerospaZIO Project. 
Antonio Lo Campo, Scientific Journalist - La Stampa
Maria Cristina Falvella, President – Fondazione E. Amaldi
Gianmarco Carnovale, President – Roma Startup
Paolo Garonna, Secretary General – FeBAF
Rosario Pavone, Secretary General – AIPAS
Andrea Taramelli, Associate in Remote Sensing and Surface Processes – ISPRA

Dario Della Sala, Head of Sustainable materials Division – ENEA
Flavio Lucibello, President – Hypatia Research Consortium
Mariangela Cestelli Guidi, Vice-coordinator of the national committee for technology transfer – INFN 
Marco Di Clemente, Head of Technology Unit – ASI 
Emilio Campana, Director of the Department of Engineering, ICT, and Technologies for Energy and Transport – CNR

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